Heaton Hops

Heaton Hops

Manchester | UK

Heaton Hops is a real gem of the Manchester food and drink scene, consistently winning awards and definitely worth the 8 minute train journey to Heaton Chapel from Manchester Piccadilly.

As the old saying goes “build it and they will come” and it’s clear that Heaton Hops owners Damian and Charlotte have struck gold in offering something that appeals to locals and will make people travel far and wide to visit.

Heaton Hops showcases a great selection of truly local beers in bottles and on tap with great customer service and a vibe that can’t be beat any day of the week. This place is pretty much always packed but it’s worth nipping past to chance it and see if you can grab a seat; there’s also a small basement that seats a good 12-15 people which is a good option for a big group.

The emphasis on pump is firmly on UK breweries with a celebration of ‘supporting local’ at all times which means a lot of beers from close to home in Stockport and Manchester which really isn’t a bad thing at all. Plus there’s always something really unique on that you just have to try like last years cream soda ale or Siren’s Caribbean chocolate stout beer. 

Make sure you also pack a bag as there’s a fantastic selection of cans and bottles to go and if you want one rapidly chilled then they can do it asap for you while you wait. Heaton Hops also does growler fills meaning they’ll hook you up directly to the pumps and you can take 3 pints of quality tap beer on your way – works for us, especially for a weekend with friends. 

Good prices, great venue and lovely people running it – it doesn’t get better than that.

What’s the music selection like?

Usually a decent mix of indie classics so be thinking Britpop and Madchester – usually it’s so busy that the music really does just fade into the background. 

Do they serve food?

A few crisps and the like but your best bet is to nip next door to the excellent Littlewoods butchers and grab some pies or beating that at night you can get some Chinese or pizza locally and eat it outside on one of their benches.


(Pictures taken by the awesome Lucas Smith Photography)

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  • ShinDigger West Coast Pale Ale – such a great session ale!
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