About Us

YEAST BERLIN is a celebration of beer culture, people and places. We run regular beer tours, events, features and travel.

We exist beyond borders for those united by a love of beer culture and a desire for unique experiences no matter what your location.

Events & Beer Tours

We create unique and unrivalled events and beer tours, working with local suppliers, bars and breweries to put on something very special that connects beer aficionados direct with the action. All our events are hosted by people passionate about beer culture with the aim to make something very special and limited edition every time we commit to running an event. Check out our events page for all the latest events happening near you.


We encourage you to travel for great beer whether that’s to one of our YEAST BERLIN events or beer tours in a nearby city or when you’re travelling the globe and want to tap into the authentic local scene and it’s beer culture. Our website also features a number of city beer guides and venue reviews written by our local ‘Ale-star Reporters’ to help you make a great decision on where next to head for the best possible beer experience.


To us, craft beer culture is one of the most exciting movements of the past 20 years, making an impact up there with skate and hip-hop culture (2 of our other favourite passions…) It’s also full of hard working people putting heart and soul into it from the smallest microbrewery to the bar staff getting you your much needed fix at the end/start of the day. We give an informal and accessible view of the beer industry with fun, interesting and exciting features that go beyond the normal bar or brewery review.

But what about the name, where do you get YEAST BERLIN from?

Good question, but read on to find out why we think it’s the perfect name for what we’re up to:

1. We’re building a global community of people who are into great beer and other cool stuff and nowhere seemed more apt to name it after than our favourite German city. For years it was a split international zone and now it’s massively forward-looking in welcoming all nationalities with it’s own attitude and way of doing things. In today’s current global climate, we think a little bit of international citizenship should be encouraged, especially with a shared interest in beer!

2. So to be a YEAST BERLINER means to be part of this virtual global community of people who love craft beer culture. Ich bin ein YEAST BERLINER as Kennedy may have (not) said if he was still around…you’ll also meet plenty of different nationalities when joining our events and beer tours.

3. Oh yeah and the brewing traditions of Germany aren’t too bad. Neither’s some of the new stuff they’re putting out there.

4. We’re a fiercely independent voice on the craft beer scene, celebrating and supporting it and have you ever been anywhere more independent than East Berlin?

5. We endeavour to mix up our features, events and beer tours with a cultural offering that gives a strong hi-5 to the spirit of the people of Berlin. We do this by channeling the underground and anything goes attitude on offer there, making sure we don’t rest on our laurels and are always pushing to be more creative in what we do.

6. And if you still need convincing, then Yeast is one of the most important ingredients in beer. If you don’t know that then maybe it’s time to join us at a tasting soon, beers are on us!

So there you have it 1+2+3+4+5+6 = YEAST BERLIN


Well if you have a passion and thirst for beer culture, love to travel and like the idea of kick ass craft beer events nearby and where you’re going then you sound like a YEAST BERLINER to us!

Our events and beer tours are open to everyone, from those who know every single hop that’s gone into a limited edition brew run, to those who are more interested in educating themselves and having new experiences.

If your passion for beer culture and adventure is off the charts and you like the idea of working with us then we want to hear from you – we’re on the lookout for people to be event organisers/hosts, writers, videographers, beer evangelists, festival reps and tea boys/girls – there’s loads of opportunities. If you want to get involved in something super exciting from the ground up then get in touch with us now. Think we can work on something cool that isn’t listed – just email hello@yeastberlin.com

Adventures with Beer

Follow us as we go looking for the best beer in the world, remixing it with food, music, travel and always a sense of adventure.