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Want to be a Beer Adventures Ale-star Reporter?

We’re looking for city based Beer Adventures ‘Ale-stars’ to help put their local craft beer scene on the map – reviewing their favourite bars, breweries and beers and showcasing everything good that’s going on locally.

As well as being safe in the knowledge you’re supporting the people doing great things in beer whilst helping people make great decisions on their next pint, we also throw a number of perks your way so if the below sounds like you then get in touch.

Currently we’re looking for Ale-stars that match any of these criteria:

  • The ability to casually review and rate bars, restaurants, beers and breweries in your city – you have an opinion, enjoy writing with a slant that you think will fit in well with Beer Adventures and want to share it with the world. You have a good writing flow and want to be the beer sage of your city and show it off.
  • Videographers who can give us a snapshot of the beer scene in your backyard.
  • Already regular social media contributors who drink a lot of beer and have even more to say/snap/share.
  • People in the know with good connections at local bars/breweries/restaurants.
  • Regular travellers who want to give us their own perspective on a recent beer adventure in a new place.
  • Ex-pats who have a unique take on their local beer scene.
  • Friendly, positive people who love to give back and have a real love of craft beer.
Want to hold an event at your place?

We’re always looking for event partners to hold an event with – they’re a great way to market your business, showcase your place, beers and brand and get genuine customers through the door. If you’re a brewery, bar, restaurant or have some sort of great beery element to your business then hit us up here and let’s have a chat. We have 15 years of high level marketing and events experience and can put on something really special whilst we all have a great time in the process!

Want to brew with us?

From time to time we like to get stuck in and let our creative side run wild. We also have a number of collaborative brews in the pipeline so if you run a brewery then contact us here and hopefully we can make something truly awesome together. No beer jobs are too big or small for the Beer Adventures team!

Want to send us some beer?

We love to drink good beer, our ‘Ale-star’ Reporters like to drink good stuff and we want to feature great beers on our website and social media. We can’t promise to like em’ all but will honestly shout about what we think and tell the story behind the beer. If you’re a brewery, bar or distributor and want your booze in our mouths then you can very kindly send us beer here.

Want to host Beer Adventures events for us? Read on for exciting beer jobs:

Do you love beer and hanging out with interesting people? Do you have a crazy creative brain that can come up with and execute great ideas? Think you can host small/medium/large scale events/tours? Have some great contacts in your city and are pretty active on social media? Want to earn cash and escape the rat race? Well we may have the perfect opportunity for you if you get in touch.

Want to partner with us in some other way?

Think we can work together on something cool? Looking for other beer jobs? We’re all ears here.

Official Bit:

Registered number: 10503580
Registered office: Beer Adventures Ltd., 3 Mellor Road, Cheadle, SK8 5AT, UK

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